We blend all our drinks. Yup, blend! There are many health benefits to drinking blended fruit as opposed to cold-pressing, some of which include:

1. Say no to the sugar spike!

Our digestive systems are programmed to naturally be able to sift through what we need and don't need when we eat and drink. Cold-pressed juice discards a lot of the nutritionally dense fiber, therefore giving you a much faster absorption of the vitamins and minerals in the juice. But wait - this includes sugar! The sugar is also absorbed much more easily into your bloodstream causing a sudden sugar spike. With our blended juice we keep all the fiber in your drink to allow your body to do what it was designed to do! Your body needs the time to digest slower to avoid sudden sugar spikes.

2. Save the environment!

Ever wonder how that juice bottle claims to contain 5 pounds of veggies? Studies show that on average, a 16 ounce serving of cold-pressed juice generates 4.5 pounds of pulp waste. Yes - waste! This not only harms the environment but could also be used to feed a lot more people!

With our blended juice we make use of all that pulp, reducing waste up to 80%, and in turn feeding a lot more of you beautiful people!

3. Stay fuller for longer!

Keeping all that dense pulp and fiber in our blended juice, allows your body a much more natural digestion process than with cold-pressed juice, avoiding those sugar spikes and keeping you fuller for longer! 



We are committed to serving only quality organic ingredients in all our products.

No Harmful Additives or Preservatives

We don’t use any additives or preservatives to prolong shelf-life, and are committed to serving natural products. Our shelf-life is extended through HPP (High Pressure Processing) to avoid heat pasteurization or addition of chemical additives.

Environmentally Sustainable

We blend all our drinks as opposed to cold pressing, which reduces waste up to 80%. We also adhere to recycling programs and environmentally sustainable packaging and delivery options.

Socially Conscious

We are a socially conscious company and committed to donating meals as well as taking part in other charitable practices. We are partnered with No Kid Hungry and Rice Bowls and have donated over 30,000 meals already. We have also donated items to different causes, that include schools in the Austin area, a local church, a local orchestra group, and more.